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Courtney Camp

Courtney is a co-owner of Paradox Press / Games and primarily focuses on concept level editing. She has a passion for stories of liberation as well as focus on articulating transgender, gender nonconforming, and the impoverished experience to those that would otherwise not have a full understanding of them. With that, she has a focus on science fiction but is not a stranger to the classic fantasy roleplaying genre. From 3rd Edition to OSR, and Traveller to FATE, she's grappled with the crunchiest to the fluffiest of systems. In her free time, she enjoys riding and repairing motorcycles

Ryan Cagle

Ryan is co-owner of Paradox Press / Games and has a particular interest in both designing and playing weird and strange tabletop role playing games across a myriad of genres and settings. Ryan cut his TTRPG teeth on D&D 3.5 in middle school but has longed since moved on to different taverns. Along with designing games Ryan works as a spiritual director who uses TTRPGs to cultivate a space for self discovery along with helping organizing an anti-capitalist faith community in the backwoods of Alabama. Ryan's love for designing TTRPGs is only rivaled by his love for arguing with strangers on the internet about all things theology and philosophy.


2021 has been a productive year in our little corner of the multiverse and we wanted to celebrate by having a weird and strange year end mega bundle sale of all of our games! The Bundle price starts at $1 and bumps up $1 with each new purchase.Wait, what?Yep! You read that right! This means if you are the first person to purchase the bundle you get everything for $1, the fifth person gets it for $5, the tenth person gets it for $10, and so on and so on.If you were to purchase each game individually it would cost you $65! So even if you happen to be the fiftieth person to purchase the bundle ($50) you are still getting everything at nearly 25% OFF! The button below will tell you the current price of the bundle!



Thanks for the support! You can download each game in our library by clicking on them below!PS. Please be sure to bookmark this page so you can make sure you have access to your downloads. If there are any issues please give us a holler.


You can download each game in our library by clicking the links below!